Jake Parkerさんが主催している「InkTober 2016」企画で、1日1枚描いたペン画たちです。

Took part in 2016 year edition of Inktober - an art event made by Mr Jake Parker in which one draws a picture a day with ink through the month of October.
This time I choose "people with things" as the theme.
I used mainly comic creator's G-pen with black ink but on the way tried other techniques such as Japanese sumi ink or COPIC multiliners.
"Boy on a bed" "Man with Jackets" "Cook and pork cotlets"
"Yukata girl with a fan" "Businessman with a gift" "Lady with a rice scoop"
"Office lady with her lunch" "Girl with Japanese style food" "Boy with a baseball cap"
"Guy with a bicycle" "High school girl with axe"
"Girl with a bookshelf" "Girl with umbrella" "Tourist with his baggage" "Old lady with a cart"
"Girl with an ice-cream" "Mother with a bag(and baby)" "A man with a rolling pin" "Lady with a shopping basket" "An old guy with a hot drink"
"Man with a cigarette" "A guy with a cart" "Lady with a kettle" "Guy with a plastic bowl"
"A girl with a box" "An old guy with a product" "Man with his lunch" "A girl with a deck brush" "Foreigner with his socks"
The last day of the challenge is Halloween so I drew a "Witch with a book".
Please have a look at the making-of video below!!

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