Kana Urbanowicz
ウルバノヴィチ 香苗
Kana Urbanowicz is a Japanese freelance creator working from her atelier near Enoshima creating unique illustrations, animations, comics, and other digital and hand painted works. In 2005 graduated from Japan Electronics College after studies specialized in web design and started work as a full-time illustrator at a design company. While working there she continued making original character designs and figurines based on them for design events such as Tokyo Design Festa. In 2017 she turned to a freelance career. Taking advantage of the 10 years illustrator experience she continues to create fresh, original works.
Clients / Cooperation
Google / Google Inc
アップル / Apple inc
株式会社インプレス / Impress Corporation
株式会社ミシマ社 / Mishimasha Publishing Co.
Little Bee Books
Otsuka Pharmaceutical / 大塚製薬株式会社

and more
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